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SIC Report to the People

SIC Report to the People

April, 2018

SIC President: Jim Roper


Standards Implementation and Professional Development All teachers have implemented the SC College and Career Ready Standards in English Language Arts (ELA) and Math this year. Teachers have received professional development in ELA and Math and will continue to learn more about these rigorous standards throughout this year to best meet the needs of our students.

Capturing Kids' Hearts The La France Elementary teachers and staff members attended a 2-day training led by the Flippen group to teach us effective skills that helped us develop self-managing classrooms and decrease discipline issues through innovative techniques such as a social contract.

ROAR program Our school-wide academic assistance program for reading and math continues to benefit our students. Students receive assistance during a 50 minute block during the school day. We have implemented Leveled Literacy Intervention (LLI) as a new reading intervention for students not reading on grade level. Based on our data, our students have shown significant growth. We are excited to have this intervention system and look forward to seeing even more reading growth in the future.

Reading and Enrichment Time In order to achieve uninterrupted class time, all students, including those needing special services, receive enrichment during a 50 minute block of time each day. These blocks of time are staggered among grade levels.

Read Across America Week - La France Elementary Style The students and staff celebrated literacy during this week by dressing up each day. We had guests to come in and share drama strategies through Readers' Theater and a storyteller to share Russian stories. We ended the week with a book character parade and invited parents to join in the fun.

Walk to School Day Our staff and students celebrated physical activity by spending their activity time walking. Due to high winds, they walked inside the multipurpose room with upbeat music. Because of events such as this, La France Elementary is recognized as a "Silver Level" partner with the SC Safe Routes Program.

SC Dogs Therapy ueark" Program Students participate in animal assisted activities that are goal directed, therapeutic interventions to help meet their special needs.

Writers' Pride Students are celebrated for exemplary writing each nine weeks with cookies and milk snack and small writing gifts. Their writing is showcased on a Writers' Pride bulletin board for the entire school to enjoy.

GoalPost In collaboration with Clemson University, extra assistance is provided to students based on academic need in grades 3-6.

Tutoring Program We collaborate with local universities to obtain student tutors for our students. While the college students receive credit for their classes, our students receive extra weekly support.

Mentoring Program Students receive special attention from mentors from various walks of life depending on their needs. For example, our Good News Club leaders have mentored several of our students based on teacher requests. MAGI Christmas Assistance Families receive meals and gifts donated by area churches and distributed through our school.

Backpack and PACK Program In collaboration with United Way and our local churches, we provide book bags and all of the needed supplies to begin the school year. In addition, we send home "kid-friendly" meals each weekend in backpacks for students in need.

Character Education Program Each month a different character trait is introduced and toward the end of the month, each teacher selects one winner. The winner is recognized during awards day. Students are also rewarded with special field trips and activities each 9 weeks.

Olweus Bully Prevention Program This comprehensive, school-wide approach addresses bullying and creates a safer, more positive place to learn. Olweus focuses on improving relationships among our students rather than just those who have been bullied or have bullied others.

International Peace Day All of our students created pinwheels and many parent volunteers worked to assemble them to be used on September 22nd to celebrate the International Day of Peace. We used this event as a kick-off for our anti-bullying program at La France. At a school-wide assembly outdoors, two guest speakers who were once students at La France but now attend Pendleton High School spoke to the students about our anti-bullying policies and encouragingpeaceful attitudes. The entire school population sang together and then we constructed our giant peace art installation. The event was attended and photographed by many parents and community members. The pinwheels created a giant dove formation in the grass and remained spinning throughout the day.

Archery in PE Students in third through sixth grades participated in the National Archery in the Schools Program archery unit in the fall. Students perfected their skills and had an opportunity to try out for the archery team. With the leadership of Coach Terry, the La France Archery team has once again earned state recognition. The La France team placed 1st in the district tournament and placed 1st in 3D and 2nd in Bull's Eye at the regional tournament. They moved on to place 2nd in 3D and 4th in Bull's Eye at the state tournament. This team will be competing in both categories at the NASP national tournament in Louisville, Kentucky in May.

SC Elementary Honors Choir since 2005 Five of our students represented our school in this year's performance in Columbia, SC. The choir consisted of approximately 240 students from across the state selected through a rigorous recorded audition process.

Visuals Arts Rock at LES! In combination with our annual Literacy Night we had a wonderful Art Show showcasing fabulous artwork from so many of our students in 4k-6th grades. Also, 10 of our students had artwork displayed at the Anderson County Arts Council during Youth Art Month. Reese Bowers from Mrs. Pruitt's 4th grade class was awarded an honorable mention as well as the honor of having her work on display at the Anderson Children's hospital for an entire year! The Explore the Arts group is proud to have completed 3 beautiful parking lot murals for our visitors to enjoy. We are so excited that all students will have the opportunity to work with several artists in residence during our upcoming day long Explore the Arts event in May. The Explore the Arts art club will also be going on two day long Arts Integration field trips in June - one to Atlanta, GA and one to Asheville, NC. What a great way to finish off an amazing year of art at LES. Engaging Learners with a Focus on the Arts - Our teachers have continued using the strategies they learned through the Focus Five training and Kennedy Center workshops to integrate the arts into our curriculum. Specifically, we have learned how the use of movement, drama, art, and music will enhance lessons ensuring our students retain what they learn through the 4C's (Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking and Creativity) and further assist our students in the development of 21st Century Learning Skills.*

Cup Stacking Physical education used Speed Stacks to have students work on their eye/hand coordination, ambidexterity and concentration through

cross-linear movements and patterns. Once students have experienced the use of Speed Stacks, research shows the brain experiences biological changes which lead to an increase in academic abilities, memory retrieval and cognitive abilities.

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